We have set our works unit at Budge Budge, South 24 Parganas, close to the metropolitan city of Kolkata, and nearby ports such as Haldia. We have about 70,000 sq. ft. of covered area with state of the art machineries from reputed manufacturers. It’s a completely integrated unit with customizable capabilities.

Extrusion line :
We have a universal extrusion line to cater to both PP as well as HDPE markets. It has been supplied by world renowned, LOHIA STARLINGER LTD.

Our production capacity is about 450 kg/hr. This extrusion line is capable of producing high tenacity tapes ranging from deniers as low as 400 going upto 2000.

The company is planning to add another tape extrusions line with a similar capacity by end of FY 2017-18.

Weaving Section :
This comprises of various circular looms capable of producing fabric of width of 15” tubular to 50” tubular. They are capable of weaving from 7X7 mesh to 18X18 mesh. These machines are supplied by LOHIA STARLINGER LTD and GCL INDIA.

The company is in the process of adding wider width looms that will enable us to manufacture fabrics of widths upto 4.2 mtr.

Extrusion Coating :
We have an extrusion coating line with output of 150kg/hr, We can coat as low as 15 gsm going as high as upto 45 gsm. The width of the T die of the machine is 2200mtrs, and can coat upto 2m.

The company is in the process of adding a new extrusion coating plant with a 4.4 mtr width cacpaity. This will be a one of a kind machine in eastern india.

Tarpaulin Finishing Section :
We have 3 heat sealing machines of different capacities from single head to six head. The six head is capable of making 40 feet tarpaulins in one go. We have numerous eyeleting machines, and tarpaulin packing machines including automatic bale-press, and automatic belt stripping.

Stitching :
We have about 20 stitching machines capable of producing about 50000 bags everyday. We can provide, bottom double fold two row stitch, single row stitch and top hemming.

Quality Assurance Section :
We have complete in house testing facilities for all our products and processes. These include tensile testing machines, weighing balances, vernier caliper meters, Muffle furnace, humidity chamber, water proofness tester, tongue tear tester. Oyr quality assurance lab issues test certificates for all finished products if required by the customers.

Power Backup :
The entire factory is backed up by diesel generators. We also have a UPS backup for our extrusion line. This ensures redundancy and smooth operations as well as homogenous quality.