Benefits of Pond lining with IS 7903:2011 HDPE Sheet:

Reduction in seepage losses to the maximum extent (95%).

Harvesting and storing of rain water from early monsoons.

Utilization of harvested rain-water for short during crops as well as during off season.

Improve water availability over a longer period of time.

It is highly useful in porous soils where water retention in ponds and water harvesting tanks is minimal.

Economical and effective method of storing water.

Eliminates water logging and prevents upward intrusion of salts into stored water.

Useful for the purpose of storage of drinking water, for pisciculture and for providing supplementary irrigation.

Prevents soil erosion.

Technique is also suitable for effluent ponds and channels to reduce soil and ground water contamination.


In India agriculture contributes 40% to our country’s GNP and gives subsistence to 70% of our population. And yet 1/3 of our total geographical area is drought–prone because we are dependent upon the monsoons which can be erratic. Drought-prone areas have to be provided water not only for human and cattle consumption but also for irrigation. Whereas even after good monsoons water is not available only because of lack of proper management and storage. Water Management is the cheapest and purest source of water is rain water. Harvesting of the water in pond, lakes, wells, tanks and reservoirs helps to preserve this water so that it can be put to varied uses for providing supplemental irrigation to kharif crops or pre-sowing irrigation to rabi crops. One of the most effective ways of water Management/Harvesting is through Pond Liner/ Canal Lining Vast amounts of water are lost through seepage, especially where the soil is gravelly and porous. It is estimated that 70% of water is lost between the storage and usage point. Many states have been experiencing drought resulting in shortage of water, particularly during the summer months. To avoid this depletion of stored water pond sealing / mechanically treating the pond are necessary by installing linings of 5 Layers HDPE GEO MEMBRANE SHEET as per IS 15351:2008 and is effective seepage proof in ponds and reservoirs and most economic also. There is a great demand for using TYPE II – 420 GSM, IS 15351:2008 HDPE Geo Membrane Sheets for Pond / Canal Linings for the purpose of conservation of water for the purpose of storage of drinking water, for fish culture and to provide irrigation during crop critical stages. It also helps in reduction in water losses , assure availability of water for a longer period of time and also prevents the lower area from the problem of water logging. The Govt. of India and State Govt. have been encouraging the farmers to adopt latest technology in Water Conservation & Harvesting by implementing subsidy scheme in supply of latest equipment to improve the efficiency and income of the farming community and the state. 


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